Analytics and strategy

Pre-project analytical work aimed at implementing the company's business strategy, shaping its positioning for the media and promotion strategies in the information field.

What are analytics and strategizing services for?

Getting the necessary information for business development

Creating a basis for systematic work on promotion in the information field

Determining the most effective tools for promotion

A fresh look at the company's business from a professional PR agency

Complex of services in analytics and strategizing:

1. Monitoring and analysis of the information field and competitive environment
2. Examining of current positioning and identifying competitive advantages
3. Identification the target audience, its interests and preferences
4. Identification and evaluation of major competitors and analysis of their progress
5. Forming the foundations of media positioning
6. Identification of the most effective communication channels for the main target groups
7. Development of PR-strategy
Minimizing risks and saving time in implementing the promotion program
The required amount of information to implement a business strategy
Understanding the strengths of the company when interacting with the media
The presence of a strategy on the basis of which you can plan promotion in the media


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