Portfolio — Integrated Center of Water Tourism

Integrated Center of Water Tourism

Promotion of a new online service for the sale of tickets for water excursions in St. Petersburg in the media.

Online service was created by the Integrated Water Tourism Center, which brings together three shipping companies that account for one-third of the St. Petersburg sailing market.

Work period:

June 2018 till present


Initial situation

Online service of the Integrated Water Tourism Center required popularization in the information field in the first full season of its work.



Attract the attention of residents and guests of the city to a new and more convenient way to purchase tickets for water excursions in St. Petersburg.

Key solution

The development of the theme of water excursions in the information field, which at the time of the release of the ICWT project, received little attention in the media. Due to the expansion of the volume of publications about the industry, the number of references to the ICWT online service began to grow.

Main types of work:


Preparation of the concept of positioning and information strategy


Promotion in the media — press releases, articles, interviews, comments, reports


Promotion in social networks


Development of a partner network


Participation in city events


Over 100 publications in the first three months of active promotion of the project in the media.

Expansion of the partner network at the expense of large companies from the core industries.