FINEDAY is a full-service PR agency. We have been working in the market since 1998. We know the specifics of St. Petersburg well and are friends with the media. We provide company positioning services in the information field, create exclusive PR projects, web portals and mobile applications.


We provide a full range of services in the field of PR. As professionals in our industry, we offer our clients only relevant and effective solutions.


We create and distribute content about the customer's business, which is interesting for the media, the Internet, potential customers and other target groups.

St. Petersburg

We know St. Petersburg, the features and preferences of its inhabitants, we are friends with journalists and leading media platforms.

History of the agency

The agency opens a new line of services - digital information projects. Mobile applications “Bridges of Petersburg” and “Petersburg 24” were created.
In 2017, the PR agency conducts a comprehensive rebranding, updates its own promotion tools and launches a new website. Today the agency continues to work under the brand FINEDAY.
In 2016, the FINEGROUP partnership was officially formed, bringing together specialists and companies in various areas of promotion.
In 2014, the direction of content marketing was opened, new comprehensive promotion programs were formed, which summarize the agency's many years of experience and provide the opportunity to select the most effective package of services for each client.
Since 2011, the PR Agency “Clear Day” has been actively developing the direction of branding and promotion on the Internet. The agency's team leads complex projects, it introduces new brands to the market, creates industry-specific Internet portals.
The 2008 economic crisis dictates new work formats. During this period, the direction of anti-crisis PR begins to develop, promotion strategies are developed, adapted to the limited budgets for marketing, PR and advertising.
In 2005, “Clear Day” begins to actively work on Internet projects, including the creation of electronic media.
In the early 2000s, the agency implemented the first PR projects, including political ones, organized city fashionable and business events, launched its own publishing projects. At the same time, the direction of media-relations emerged - the organization of press conferences, round tables and other events for the media.
The company “Clear Day” was founded in 1998 and began its journey as a full-cycle advertising agency, working with Russian and foreign companies.

Executive Biographies

Alexander Granatovich
Director General
Sofia Lazareva
Managing Partner
He graduated from the faculty of editing fiction and mass literature of the Leningrad branch of the Moscow Polygraphic Institute, specializing in journalism.

He worked as a screenwriter and director at Lenfilm, Lennauchfilm, Leningrad Documentary Film Studio, and Russia-Film Transit Studio. He was the creator of feature films, television programs, advertising, representational and documentary films, art director, author and radio host of a series about Russian cinema on Radio Rocks radio station, author of a series of television programs on the history of cinema on Petersburg television. Since 1990 he has been working in the field of advertising and PR. In the mid-nineties - art director, creative producer and co-owner of the TV studio "Signs".

In 1998, he created and headed the PR agency of the full cycle “Clear Day”, PR-producer of all realized projects of the agency. In 2002–2009, he was publishing a glossy culturological journal “Women's Petersburg”, in 2009–2013 - “Trendy Petersburg”, a magazine that revived the traditions of high society and covered the secular and cultural events of St. Petersburg, Moscow and European capitals.

In 2005–2010, he was the general producer and co-founder of the charitable project for the social adaptation of children - pupils of orphanages and boarding schools “Our Children”.

In 2011–2018, on the initiative and with the direct participation of Alexander Granatovich, a number of digital information projects were created, including the Northwest Information Center “Energy Efficiency and Resource Saving”, the industry portal, the Internet portal and the mobile application “Bridges of Petersburg ”, which won first place in the All-Russian competition“ Rating of Runet 2018 ”. The main information project in 2018 is the Petersburg 24 mobile app, the author’s guide around the places and events of St. Petersburg.

The work of Alexander Granatovich was awarded: The gratitude of the Chairman of the Committee on Education of St. Petersburg "For his great help and support in the development of the creative potential of pupils of orphanages and boarding schools of St. Petersburg"; Gratitude of the Chairman of the Committee on Culture of St. Petersburg "For organizing and conducting on the territory of the Central Culture and Recreation Park named after S.M. Kirov a traditional urban family holiday "Big Walk"; Diploma of the State Duma of the Russian Federation in the nomination "The Best Projects of Russia" (St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2007); Honorary diploma for contribution to the development of the State Museum-Reserve "Tsarskoye Selo"; numerous prizes and awards of Russian and international festivals and competitions.
Professional specialist in public relations and media with experience of more than fifteen years.

At the beginning of her career, from 1998 to 2006, she worked in various mass media (press, television), in marketing and advertising departments of commercial and budget organizations.

From 2007 to 2012, she served as deputy head of the regional executive committee of the United Russia party for agitation and propaganda work. In the period from 2011 to 2014, she led the campaign on agitation materials and events at regional headquarters of election campaigns in support of candidates from the United Russia party at all levels: from elections to local governments to elections to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia. She has considerable experience in political PR and interaction with authorities at all levels.

Under the leadership of Sofia Lazareva, more than 20 social projects in the Leningrad region were successfully implemented. For her work, she was awarded letters of gratitude and an Honorary Diploma of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region.

Since 2012, Sofia Lazareva has been an executive partner at FINEDAY. During her time at the agency, under her leadership, over 30 projects have been implemented, most of which are startups for launching new companies to the market.

Professional interests: positioning, start-ups, integrated project promotion, political consulting.

The credo of life is expressed in Stephen Covey's phrase: “Your dreams do not work — until you work.”