Portfolio — Vapor


International company, supplier of boiler equipment from leading European manufacturers. Carries out the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of objects of electricity and heat generation.

Work period:



Initial situation

Outdated communication tools and insufficient presence in the information field.



Rebranding of the company, creation of relevant presentation and printing products, as well as of a modern website promoting the company in the Russian market.

Key solution

Comprehensive research, including market review, competitor analysis, audit of the existing site and current PR activities of the company. On the basis of this study, the agency’s experts have compiled a new positioning concept and promotion strategy.

Main types of work


Development of the concept of positioning and promotion strategies;


Creating a new company website, filling it with content;


Creation of presentations, advertising and printing products.


The company received new communication tools — a package of high-quality presentational printing products and a new website. Currently, technical and content support of the site is provided by the customer.