Portfolio — Mostotrest


SPb SBI Mostotrest is the oldest specialized institution in Russia responsible for the technical maintenance and operation of bridges, embankments, tunnels, overpasses and other artificial road structures in St. Petersburg.

Work period:

October 2015 till present


Initial situation:

At the beginning of the cooperation, the customer had outdated communication tools and was not sufficiently present in the information field. As a result, the SPb SBI Mostotrest brand was poorly recognizable and was associated with other organizations with similar names, but different functions.



Updating the image of SPb SBI «Mostotrest» through the implementation of information and PR-projects that are in demand by residents and guests of St. Petersburg.

Key solution

Creation and promotion of the brand “Bridges of St. Petersburg”, on the basis of which the information portal https://mostotrest-spb.ru/ was created with up-to-date, exclusive and reliable information about all the bridges and embankments of the city. Development and implementation of PR projects aimed at popularizing bridges and informational openness of the institution.

Main types of work


Development of the concept of positioning and information strategy;


Rebranding and corporate identity, creating the “Bridges of St. Petersburg” brand;


Large-scale information portal with a convenient schedule of bridges and information about all the bridges and embankments of the city. Preparation and placement on the portal of unique texts about 373 bridges and 54 embankments using archival materials, photo and video content, audio guides, etc .;


Creating English and Chinese versions of the portal;


Implementation of special PR projects: “100th Anniversary of the Palace Bridge”, “115th Anniversary of the Trinity Bridge” and “Anniversaries of Bridges”; «Football team of bridges of St. Petersburg»; “Bloggers build bridges” (bloggers’ night excursions to raising bridges); “Wings of bridges” (photo exhibition and photo contest of the work of bloggers on the basis of excursions); «Rating of bridges», «Immortal regiment», etc .;


Creating mobile applications “Bridges of St. Petersburg” for Android and iOS operating systems using the innovative online information service on the current status of raising bridges (if the bridge is closed or raised in real time);


Design and printing of presentation products;


Formation of the practice of informational openness of the institution: organization of press conferences, press tours, interviews, TV shows, preparation and distribution of press releases, comments from management, etc.


A recognizable brand “Bridges of St. Petersburg” has been created, which is associated with St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution “Mostotrest” and has become widely known in the city.

Information portal “Mostotrest” is the only complete source of information about all the bridges and embankments of St. Petersburg in three languages; attendance is about 300,000 users per month during the navigation period.

Victories in prestigious contests: the Bridges of St. Petersburg information portal entered the TOP-10 of the State and Society nomination of the Runet Prize for 2016 and took the 2nd place in the category PR of the “Silver Mercury. Northwest” festival in 2017.

The demand for information of Mostotrest from the media has dramatically increased — over the entire period of cooperation, about 4,000 publications have been published. The participation of the first persons of St. Petersburg in the projects carried out by the institution, increasing the loyalty of the institution’s employees to the management.

«Bridges of St. Petersburg» was one of the leaders among mobile applications aimed at promoting St. Petersburg among tourists. The number of downloads for the first year is more than 30,000. In 2018, this project won the Runet Rating award in the State and Society nomination, and also became the first Russian application that was placed in the Chinese mobile app store of Chinese company Huawei.